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July Package of the Month!

Our winner for the July 2015 Package of the Month is…Murchies Tea! The GLBC team worked with Murchies Tea to create both the tea pouches and paperboard packaging. Our talented design team has created a box that holds the tea pouches in nice and tight so the product doesn’t move around, and the glued in

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Employee engagement

GLBC featured in BC Printers Association Magazine

We’re so excited to be featured in BC Printers Association Magazine this month! Read about our different forms of employee engagement in the article below and find out why GLBC truly is the little company that could!

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GLBC Christmas in July

It’s Christmas in July for the Packaging World!

The sun is shining, the patios are open, and the beaches are full which can only mean one thing for the packaging world – it’s time to start getting ready for the Christmas season! Our clients are preparing for the holidays so we’ve been busier than elves preparing holiday displays, labels, and packaging. So we

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Canadian Packaging

The Best Canada-Themed Packaging for Canada Day 2015

While we’re gearing up to celebrate the 148th birthday of our beautiful and beloved country, we’re taking a look at some of our favourite Canada-themed packaging! Prepare for plenty of maple leaf branding and delicious Canadian eats! Coast to Coastless Collaboration Beer                       The Coast

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June Package of the Month: Wedderspon Organic Honey Packaging

Our winner for June 2015’s Package of the Month is… Wedderspon Organic’s Honey Packaging! GLBC worked with this customer to create the perfect product, consisting of a PB-Walker TT with an insert. A distinctive honey box and insert with an appealing artwork on the top and sides, this display is designed to gift three tapered

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