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A Modest Start

Great Little Box Company Ltd. (GLBC) began operations in 1982 with a 5,000 square foot plant in Burnaby and only three employees. Although the early 80’s were a challenge for business operators as a whole, the company successfully persevered under Robert Meggy’s leadership. By establishing ourselves as an innovator in the industry and focusing on customer service, GLBC started what would become its long history of growth and expansion.

Growing, Growing, Grown

Between 1984 and 1996 GLBC made a series of four moves to and within Richmond. 1996 marked the move into the 140,000 sq ft location in Vancouver and a short ten years later, 2006 saw the move to the new 250,000 sq ft facility on Mitchell Island.

In addition to head office expansions, GLBC expanded into other markets in the region through the opening of three sales and distribution offices.  The first branch to open was Victoria in 1992. 1998 saw significant expansion with the opening of the Kelowna Branch in June followed quickly by the establishment of a sister company – Great Little Box Company Inc. (also known as the Everett Branch) – in August. With the three branches and the head office, GLBC can effectively service our customers in BC and Washington.

Expanding Services

GLBC strives to offer customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their packaging and shipping needs. In keeping with this philosophy, GLBC established a moving supplies division in 2004 and a label division in 2006. GLBC’s product and service offerings help to meet customer needs and distinguish us from the competition. Our main business operation includes designing and manufacturing customer and stock corrugated boxes and displays. In addition, we produce foam protective packaging, labels and distribute a full range of shipping and moving supplies. We also distinguish ourselves through services such as Inventory Management.

Great People Make all the Difference

Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our employee team. We encourage and support ongoing skills training and career and personal development for our employees. Our employee profit sharing plan reflects and reinforces our commitment to employee empowerment, motivation and employee success.


1982 – GLBC was born!
1984 thru 1996 – Four moves to larger facilities to and within Richmond
1992 – Victoria Branch was opened
1996 – GLBC moved to 140,000 sq ft location on Chester St. in Vancouver
1998 – Kelowna Branch was opened
1998 – Everett Branch (aka Great Little Box Company Inc.) was opened
2004 – Moving Supplies Division established through acquisition
2006 – GLBC moved into current 250,000 sq ft built-to-spec. location on Mitchell Island
2006 – Label Division established through acquisition of C. Davis Enterprises’ assets
2007 – Folding Cartons and Rigid Boxes Division established through acquisition of Boxstar’ assets
2009 – Acquisition of the assets of Parrot Label to further increase our label capabilities
2010 – Acquisition of the assets of Vanisle Packaging. GLBC now the premier packaging provider on Vancouver Island
2010 – Acquisition of the assets of Action Box Company. GLBC now the premier provider of protective packaging in BC
2011 – GLBC begins manufacture of packing peanuts with acquisition of Expanded Products Supply Assets
2015 – Creation of Great Little Paper Box Company with the merge of GLBC folding carton division + Great West Paper Box

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about the Great Little Box Company, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!