5 Great Ideas for Easter Packaging

At GLBC, we have a passion for packaging and with Easter just around the corner, it’s time to get creative with packaging Easter goodies.

Easter is the second biggest holiday for candy giving and we all know how much entertaining is involved. But how do you bring creative marketing to your brand during this season? Easter packaging can come in all shapes and sizes which is why finding the right packaging can be challenging. We’ve come up with ways to focus on bringing Easter into your brand while staying true to your brand’s story.

  1. Custom Packaging:

When it comes to creating custom packaging, you need to decide the best way to package your product and keep your branding top of mind as well. Remember, the packaging is the first touchpoint for your customer with your brand so choosing the right packaging is key. Custom inserts can help keep your products safe inside the packaging while displaying the product in a visually appealing manner.



  1. Chocolate Packaging for Adults:

It’s difficult to come up with ways to make Easter more adult appropriate as this holiday is generally geared to kids. A window box is an easy way to display chocolate and give consumers a full picture of what exactly is within the box. One of our favourite chocolate makers, Roger’s Chocolates, makes a beautiful box arrangement of Easter chocolates that fit perfectly into a window box.



  1. Treats in an Egg Carton:

Getting creative with packaging can be tough for various special occasions such as Easter. One creative alternative to traditional packaging is using a packaging method that is intended for another use. These egg cartons can add a creative and festive touch to otherwise standard packaging.



  1. Beer Bottle Labelling:

Entertaining is a big part of Easter for many people and colourful Easter beer labels are an easy way to bring a festive flare to your brand. Beer labelling is unique and is a great way to showcase your brand’s character. Bringing in festive labels for holidays such as Easter will make your product stand out on the shelves. We’re big fans of one of our very own customers, Howe Sound Brewing, who offer colourful labelling. This Raspberry Cream Ale is the perfect Easter colour, maybe an Easter beer hunt is in order?



  1. Wine Labelling:

Like beer bottle labelling, the same can be done with wine. Wine labels are an important source of information for consumers but also open the door for brands to show their creative side. Easter is a great opportunity have some fun with your wine labels. Blasted Church, makes a fantastic wine with a label that showcases their humour.



We have a large selection of packaging ideas and are dedicated to finding exactly what you are looking for. We can help you make the right packaging decisions for your brand.

Want to learn more about what packaging options we offer? Contact our team today to learn more. Happy Easter!