Print & Graphic Basics

They’re all around you. In glossy magazines, on the side of transit vehicles, and especially on the product packages you see and buy everyday: graphical images used to attract your attention and sell you a message. Corrugated packaging is no exception. More and more, companies are choosing to print graphical images on their corrugated packaging from simple logos and product identifications on shipping cartons to full color “photo” images on Point of Purchase displays and retail boxes. So common, yet a mystery to most. The jargon of the printing industry can be quite overwhelming and often the perceived cost associated with printed boxes is a deterrent. In actuality, however,the process of printing on boxes is very straightforward and is generally not cost prohibitive. In fact, for most, printing on packaging is considered a sales tool rather than merely an expense.

More and more organizations realize the value of applying printed graphics to their packaging, even for the most basic shipping boxes.

At Great Little Box Company, we offer three different printing options for you to consider: Flexo printing, screen printing and litho laminated printing. See Print Types for a description of each of these.

Deciding what option is most appropriate for your packaging needs will depend on several variables:

  • the quantity of boxes being printed
  • the quality requirements of the images being printed
  • the project budget and project deadline
  • the number of times the box will be produced (e.g., one time only, or repeated runs)

While flexographic printing, screen printing, and litho-laminating are three very different processes, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive when choosing the most appropriate method for printing your packaging. For example, POP displays often integrate 2 or more printing methods, using flexographic printing for a display base and shell and then screen printing or litho laminating the header card and the retail packages that go inside the display. Another example may be choosing to screen print or litho- laminate your retail packages and flexo print the shipper box. Whatever the printing method you choose, it is undeniable that printed boxes and displays provide an aesthetic appeal and may suggest credibility and professionalism which should ultimately improve SALES!

If you would like to explore the option of printing for your next packaging project, call on your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative to assist you in choosing the printing method most suitable to your application. Our team will be happy to help you find the most appropriate print solution for your packaging project.

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Artwork Guidelines & Artwork Submission

If you’ve already decided that printing graphics on your boxes makes sense, you (or your graphic designers) will need the following information to make the process of adding print to your packaging run smoothly.