Flexo Guidelines

GLBC Recommended Specifications for Flexo Printing

  • Color
    GCMI ink colour is the standard for flexo printing. Please indicate the desired GCMI ink color in your file.

    If a specific PMS color is required, please consult with your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative. A draw-down sample of your PMS colour, printed on corrugated board, will be provided for your approval prior to final print proof approval.

  • Type
    8pt (slightly smaller than 1/8″) is the minimum for point positive type although 10pt or larger is preferred. 10pt is the minimum for reverse-out type although 12pt or larger is preferred.

    Note that point size is dependent on the font chosen.

  • Lines/Rules
    Minimum thickness for fine lines is 2pt for point positive print and 4pt for reverse-out print.

  • Placement
    For regular boxes (i.e. 4 flaps on top, 4 flaps on bottom), a minimum 1/2″ is required between a printed image and any scores.

    For die-cut items, a minimum of 1/4″ is required between a printed image and the edge of the board, any score, hand holes, and/or window cutouts.

  • Bleeds
    Minimum bleed off of 1/2″.

  • Trapping
    Minimum trapping (overprint) of 3/16″. A light color block out with dark color reverse may cause the bleed to show through (i.e. if yellow is trapped under blue, green shadowing may occur).

  • Resolution of Flexo
    Because of the porous nature of corrugated fibreboard, corrugated products are run at 45 lpi (i.e. a 3% dot may grow to 10%)

  • Registration
    Great Little Box Company’s print registration tolerance is between +/- 1/16″ and 1/4″ depending on which printing press the corrugated board is printed on. Your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative can confirm individual machine tolerances.

  • Software
    The preferred file format is Adobe Illustrator (AI or EPS formatted files); save out all working files in Adobe Illustrator 8.0.  Please include a PDF version of your artwork to ensure accuracy of your file. Please convert Corel Draw (CDR files) with these simple steps:

    • Convert to outlines
    • Export to Illustrator 8.0 format with type converted to curves
    • Forward File

    If you are not able to provide artwork in one of the above file formats, a physical reproduction of the artwork may be used (a hard copy version such as a print out, a printed box, business card, etc.). Great Little Box Company will recreate the artwork into an acceptable format for an additional charge. We are unable to accept files in the following formats: JPG, PDF, TIFF, DOC, GIF and BMP.

  • Disk Format
    Artwork (up to 20MB) can be submitted via email to your Customer Service Representative or directly to our Design department. Please include your customer account number, company name, purchase order number, and product ID number (indicated on the sample/quote provided) in the email.

    Files over 2MB should be provided as a ZIP file or CD/DVD. Please ensure the disk is labeled with your company name and product ID number (indicated on the sample/quote provided).

    Please name files so that they are easily identifiable.

Guide To Sending Artwork

If file is over 20MB, send to our FTP site, details will be sent to you if required. Compress all files over 50MB or with fonts into: .zip, sitx, .sit or .rar format


Great Little Box Company reserves the right to recommend revisions to the artwork and/or type copy.

If you have any questions regarding these artwork guidelines and/or the structural design fo your packaging, please contact us.