Automated Product Replacement

This program allows the customer all the benefits of the Store-and-Release Inventory Program, plus the added convenience of fully automated reordering and inventory control. This program is recommended for products with very stable and predictable usage only. The customer places just one annual blanket Purchase Order and never has to worry again about ordering or running out of packaging. You always have sufficient stock to meet your packaging needs!

Program Conditions

  • Customer must sign an annual purchasing contract specifying that they will be fully responsible for taking all old stock if they change product specifications for future orders, discontinue a product, or terminate the program
  • Account must be in good credit standing and have net 30 terms
  • This program is not recommended for seasonal or volatile items
  • A minimum of 1 full skid per shipment applies

Automated Product Replacement & Inventory Management | GLBC

GLBC’s automated product replacement give you fully automated reordering and inventory control for your cardboard boxes & shipping supplies.